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    Activities of Solitra Power (Pvt) Ltd are supported by professional knowledge and skills of its employees, purposefulness and professionalism. The main business focus is to promote & develop environmentally friendly solar power technologies. We are committed to be the best solar solutions provider in Sri Lanka. We can guarantee service of the highest quality, which is based on latest scientific and technological knowledge. Our long term objective is to contribute to the changing global economic orientation towards sustainable energy sector. To achieve long term strategy of the company we have established the following principles of quality policy:

    1. Continual improvement of quality and environmental management system in the provision of services.
    2. Satisfy applicable requirements including compliance obligations.
    3. Professional services that meet individual customer needs and expectations.
    4. To increase the utilization of solar energy supply reliable and durable service with providing quality solar products.
    5. Protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution.
    6. Generate always clean energy.
    7. Reduce need for fossil fuel.
    8. Provision of good working environment and conditions for all staff to achieve the best performance.